Got a brain freeze from munching down your shave ice too fast? Hey, no judgment here. We’ve all done that at some point, and with the sweet deliciousness that is a perfectly crafted shave ice, it’s hard to resist gulping it down in just a few bites. With the fresh shaved ice to the sweet toppings like whipped cream, marshmallow, and fresh fruit juices, who could blame you for wanting to eat it one mouth full. Nonetheless, brain freeze is no fun. When your brain is throbbing, you need swift relief. Put your spoon down and try one of these brain freeze remedies. We promise, warmth will come back to your head. When it does, promptly resume your shave ice enjoyment. Just, maybe, slow it down a bit this time?

The Tongue Press

The tongue press trick is one of the oldest brain freeze remedies in the world. It probably goes back to early Japanese who first invented shave ice. All you need to do is press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This will warm that area, thus rendering your brain freeze over. 

Tilt Yo Head Back

You need brain freeze relief and you need it now. Tilt your head back to find it. No, we didn’t think of it. But it’s known to work, and fast. You should start to feel sweet relief from your brain freeze in just 10 seconds. 

Suck Your Thumb

No seriously, suck your thumb. Or more precisely, press it firmly to the roof of your mouth. If you tongue didn’t work, your thumb should do the trick. 

A Warm Up

This one is probably the most straightforward brain freeze remedy there is, yet you might not have considered it yet. Just drink a liquid that is warmer than your shave ice, which is made of ice, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a suitable beverage.

Preventative Measures 

This is more of a way to prevent shave ice induced brain freeze, but something tells us that you could benefit from this advice. Take smaller bits, letting your shave ice melt on your tongue before going back for a second, or third, or fourth or…There you have it. A few golden brain freeze remedies and some preventative measures to safeguard your poor brain front that temptingly sweet shave ice.

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